The F18 journey continues to develop with the commencement of #F18Live, where artists perform live at the studio with professional film footage.


Kaobi | "I AM" Freestyle
Artist Kaobi makes drops his debut single, in this simple and effective freestyle video. Fun fact; this was filmed in less than 3 hours, and edited the next day - a testimony to what can be turned around with short notice.
Croydon Composers
'Croydon Composers' (CC) is about creating new, cross - genre collaborations between aspiring & established composers. Participants are selected to compose, record & perform a new composition in duos, trios and bands. They are mentored in music and music business by established music professionals.
The Front Room
The Front Room is a music venue and creative workspace in South London. Throughout Covid-19, Tone-O worked alongside The Front Room to direct and produce an array of filmed live stream and pre-recorded music content, starting 'Front Room TV'.
Motion Graphics
Tone-O is adept at using Adobe After effects to create marketing material, promotional content and all-out animations. Watch this reel and see what's possible. This kind of content is perfect for businesses, or artists that want to make an announcement.
GIR Merchandise
'Girls I Rate' (GIR) is a female-empowerent movement, providing opportunities for musicians and songwriters. Antonio designed the merchandise line, working alongside founder Carla Marie Williams and stylist Vanessa Davina.
Tone-O directed and produced two music videos for Croydon-based artist LocksMyth. The videos totalled more than 50k views on YouTube, marking a powerful debut for the artist and development to their overall aesthetics.
Drawn Tide "Wild Ocean"
Drawn Tide share their debut single, directed and filmed by Tone-O on a beach in Frinton. Shooting took place across two days, and features a rap section by Kofi:11 and dance choreography by Sara Dos Santos.
Music Production
Antonio's passion for music is what began his career as a freelancer. With influences of rock, jazz, afro-beats, R&B and hip-hop, listen to a collection of his production work below.
Antonio Lewis (A.K.A ‘Tone-O‘ or simply, 'Tone') is a versatile digital creator. As a film director, videographer, graphic designer and brand manager, Antonio has fulfilled a number of projects from the UK and Europe to New York.
Film Showreel
As a director, videographer, DP and editor, Tone has put together a reel of his favourite film work in 2021. Watch this unique montage of music-videos, corporate work and promotional material cut to the song 'Wild Ocean' by Drawn Tide.
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